DIY Kit – Metal Planter Succulent Garden


This fun succulent garden kit has a stylish metal planter and a variety of plants!

Succulents are easy to care for plants that thrive in bright light and need very little ongoing attention to stay healthy & happy!

Kit includes everything you need to complete your DIY succulent planter.

Products included in this kit are the ones listed below:

Metal Planter With Handle

Choose your size of metal planter.

2.5" Premium Assorted Succulent × 4

When you order, we will select the best specimen for you from our current available selection of 2.5" succulents.

19 in stock

3.5" Peperomia Prostrata - String Of Turtles

12 in stock

4" Kalanchoe Flapjack

5 in stock

Pebble Sand

7 in stock

Black River Pebbles

Essential for proper drainage

10 in stock