DIY Kit – Fern Globe Terrarium


Create your own fern terrarium with this DIY kit featuring pet-safe plants!

  1. Start with a 2-opening globe terrarium
  2. Create a layered bed of small stones & potting soil for your plants to be housed in.
  3. Add 4 ferns and follow the care instructions in the tutorial that comes with this kit.

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Kit includes everything you need to complete your DIY fern planter:

12" Globe Terrarium with 2 Openings

3 in stock

Colourful Glass Plant Mister

Keep your ferns misted and happy!

2.5" Japanese Holly Fern

3 in stock

2.5" Blue Star Fern

5 in stock

2.5" Maidenhair Fern × 2

7 in stock

Bag of Stones

2 in stock

5L Bag Potting Soil

2 in stock

2 in stock