International Women’s Day has changed a lot in the last 105 years. From protests to posies, the agenda of the day has softened as over the years the provoking issues came to be largely resolved. We’ve still got a lot to talk about, but also to celebrate!

The first International Women’s Day was held in 1911 as a promotion of equal rights, including suffrage and equal pay, for women. It was observed by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. Today it’s celebrated and recognized all over the world, with some countries (like Cuba, Russia and Madagascar) observing it as an official holiday. Early on the custom of giving flowers was begun with Lily of the Valley and violets in France and mimosa in Italy.

Mimosa is a beautifully scented member of the Acacia tree family. It’s bright yellow pom pom flowers are available through late winter and early spring and is considered a symbol of sensitivity.


Lovely mimosa

As we overcame the hurdles of the past; gained the right to vote (100 years! Whoo!), fairness in access to education, made great strides in ending violence against women, the fervor dimmed and many March 8ths are spent in recognition and appreciation, often with the gift of flowers, as opposed to activism. In Canada we celebrate the accomplishments of women as well as recognize those yet to come with nation-wide initiatives by government and private organizations. Parades, demonstrations and public talks help fuel the conversation for the support and advancement of women. It’s in this spirit of support and solidarity that Flowers Talk Tivoli is proud to be part of several women-lead organizations. As a woman-owned business, we value the advancement of women in the community and are in partnership with many fellow businesswomen.