It’s not just for lovers any more!

For centuries (yes! It’s been around that long!) Valentine’s Day has been reserved only for couples, a special day to show the love you feel for your better half, your main squeeze, partner, bae, soul-mate, sweetheart, honey-bunny, schnookums, your Favourite. It makes for an awfully lonely day for the single people of the world (they don’t call it “Singles Awareness Day” for nothing). But no more!


Of course we know as a kid we’re encouraged to share a card with all our classmates. It’s not romantic love, it’s friend love and it’s just as important! Why should we stop such a sweet gesture just because we’re getting older? I say let’s not.

So what are some non-mushy ways we can show our non-romantic love for others in our lives?

  1. Family Day – This one is pretty easy this year, as it falls the day after Valentine’s. Turn it into a whole Family Weekend! Start it off by sending the kids an adorable bouquet at school on Friday and then spend the weekend in with your favourite people playing games or having a movie night.
  2. Volunteer/Charity – It’s not just single people who can miss out on the celebrations. Spread some love and cheer by volunteering or donating to a reputable charity. Send cheerful spring bulbs to your local nursing home or write a note of appreciation for a caregiver. Many people are lonely or hurting every day of the year, why not lend a helping hand?
  3. Galentine’s Day – The best day of the year (according to the brilliant Leslie Knope) and a damn fine excuse to spoil your favourite girls (and maybe yourself!) Falling conveniently on Saturday February 13th, it’s best spent having a delicious brunch, getting mani/pedis or just spending time in each others company.

New to Galentine’s Day? Let us give you a proper introduction with our amazing Galentine’s Day Contest! Go to our Facebook page. Like our Facebook page. Tag your best girlfriend in our Galentine’s post and tell us why she’s the greatest human you know. If you win your best friend will receive a gorgeous bouquet of flowers this Galentine’s Day!

If you or your boo are more traditionalists have no fear! We’ve still got you covered with the best roses in town.

Red roses

Sending you all our love this Galentine’s/Valentine’s Weekend!