Once a daisy-filled staple of the average hippy, the floral crown has become one of the most popular bridal accessories of the past few years. Not just for rock festivals and sit-ins anymore, the crown can be styled to any theme: bohemian and natural, delicate elegance, or bold glamour. It’s become so popular, it’s no longer really strictly for weddings either; we make them quite regularly for showers, birthdays, and other special events. One of my favourite things about the floral crown is that it can be for any age; we’ve made tiny, simple crowns for tiny toddler flower girls and big, lush pieces for brides and birthday girls.

I can’t even handle how cute this is. Photo: Jack Loves Mary Photography

Most floral crowns are of the all-around variety; a closed hoop of flowers that sits a-top one’s head. It can be quite versatile and allows for different hairstyles beneath it, as well as being fairly stable without further support.

Another style is the half-crown; a band of flowers about half the circumference of the head with a pretty band of ribbon spanning the rest. Usually this style needs to be secured with bobby-pins, but it provides versatility of size, pulling the ribbon tighter for a smaller crown, or letting it out for bigger. This is good if you want to share the piece as for a photo-shoot/booth.

They’re also an excellent option for an event where you want to have a floral accent, but also want your hands free; brides love that they can wear a floral crown all through the reception without having to worry about having a place to set it down.

Full, bohemian beauty for a bridal shower.

Floral crowns are nothing new, even before the peace-loving 60’s, they have been used around the world for centuries to celebrate and honour. They were popular in ancient¬†Greece during special occasions to honour the gods, and the traditional headdress of Ukrainian weddings is a gorgeous crown of local blooms.

Simple and elegant.

If you’re planning a wedding or special event and feel like you’re missing that little special something, come talk to us about a floral crown to jazz up your look!