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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last minute visits, surprise invitations to a dinner party, forgetting your sister's new boyfriend will be joining you for the weekend. It's happened to us all and sometimes your 'present drawer' (you know the one; the one you stock throughout the year with on-sale...

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Keep the Holidays in Your Home All Year Long

The store is filled with bright, full poinsettias, tall, graceful Norfolks and adorable tiny cypress shaped like little Christmas trees. They make wonderful gifts and are sure to bring that holiday mood to any room. But what to do with them after the holidays? Many of...

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The Gift that Keeps Giving

It's that time of year again. That time to be stumped. We all have one on our list, but what do you get the guy or gal who has everything? Silly, of course the answer is flowers! Send that special someone something special with Flowers For A Year from Flowers Talk...

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You are Invited…

To Flowers Talk Tivoli's annual Holiday open house! Come see us at 282 Richmond Rd this Wednesday, November 30th 2016 to visit with your designers, schmooze with your neighbours and partake of some delicious nibbles. You'll enjoy 20% off all in store purchases of...

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Homes for the Holidays: Take One

We just wrapped up another successful weekend of decorating, inspiring, and raising funds and awareness for the wonderful work at Hospice Care Ottawa with the 14th annual Homes for the Holidays Tour. Despite some fearsome weather, people came once again in droves to...

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Winter Urns for Everyone!

The season is fast approaching; is your home ready? The week of November 22nd we will be out in the city installing our signature winter urn arrangements and outdoor decor, is your home on the list? Call us to book your front step for the personalized Flowers Talk...

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But What Does the Poppy Do?

"In Flanders Fields, the poppies blow; Between the crosses, row on row" We all know the words; we've read them, recited them, memorized them since grade school. I'm 31 years old and I can still recite it, almost verbatim, hands clasped, memories of the middle school...

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The Holidays Are Here!

The holiday season has arrived at Flowers Talk Tivoli! The store is bursting with beauty and cheer and we can't wait to show you. Timeless wreaths and garlands, elegant table decor, and baskets on baskets of adorable ornaments for your tree await at 282 Richmond Rd....

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Homes for the Holidays

Homes for the Holidays has been a staple of Ottawa's holiday season for 14 years and with good reason! A stunning effort from the wonderful people at Hospice Care Ottawa to raise funds and awareness for the Hospice at May Court, it combines charity and the cheer of...

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Plant Profile: Pesky Pets

Cats are brats. They have a look of permanent smugness about them, as they gaze at you over the up-ended pot they just sent crashing to the floor; a look that says "I could do this all day and you'll still clean up my poop." They are adorable monsters. And yet somehow...

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Let’s Make Some Babies! Baby Succulents, That Is…

Who doesn't love babies? Especially tiny, chubby, soft-skinned, cuties that you made! With your own two hands! It's so satisfying to see one you've nurtured, cared for, loved, turn into a real life grown up plant! Yes, I said plant. Succulents are a wonderful family...

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Let’s Give Thanks! With Flowers!

Some things change a lot; the seasons, your favourite pie flavour (right now mine is blueberry with a graham crumble crust),  flower trends, and whether or not tights as pants are ok. But some things stay the same. Like the universal appeal of a freshly raked leaf...

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Pretty Fall Planters

Beautiful orange and yellow leaves, a crisp breeze, depressed school kids, pumpkin spiced everything... it's almost here! Fall: Everyone's Favourite Season (Except for School Kids) You've watched your summer planters grow and flourish, your garden has put forth the...

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Plant Profile: Fabulous Ferns

Delicate, both in appearance and temperament, ferns are a beautiful addition to any home. Their soft leaf structure and often bizarre root systems make them an interesting piece of living art. Sensitive to drought and heat, they aren’t for everyone. But if you’re willing to give them the time and attention they crave, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous display of luxurious greenery that most other plants just can’t offer.

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Different Flower Types

In floral design we are lucky to have a pretty big playground. There are so many different shapes, colours, sizes, textures, feelings of flowers there's really no limit to what we can create. Whether you're designing something cheerful and bright, somber and elegant,...

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Darling Dahlias!

Oh darling! Aren't dahlias delightful? These summer beauties are one of our favourites; their colours are more vibrant, they come in all shapes and sizes and their petal symmetry is so damn satisfying! The national flower of Mexico, they are native to the region and...

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The Stones… They’re.. ALIVE!!

Animals aren't the only ones who evolve camouflage to escape their predators. Plants do it too! Lithops is a genus of succulents native to southern Africa. They avoid being eaten by pretending to be - wait for it - butts. No, I'm kidding, they pretend to be stones!...

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Thanks Mom!

A Mother is selfless, caring and giving. She thinks of others before herself and sacrifices those little things to make others happy. This May 8th give just a little of that lost luxury back; treat your mother to a beautiful bouquet!

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Administrative Assistants Day!

Wednesday, April 27th is Administrative Assistants Day. A time to show appreciation for those people in our lives who keep us on task, on time and the best we can be. They deserve a little thank you!

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