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Homes for the Holidays 2017 – Part One

Well, that’s a wrap to another successful Homes for the Holidays,a yearly fundraisor in support of Hospice Care Ottawa. This marked the 15th year for the tour and the 15th year since Tivoli Florist has been involved. It is a fantastic opportunity for local Ottawa...

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Paper white bulbs have become a staple for our holiday decor. It is so much fun to plant these little guys and watch them grow and bloom. What is even better, is how simple they are, no green thumb required! The bulbs only need about 3-4” for the roots, so lots of...

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Citrus for Summer

Oranges, kumquats, Meyer lemons; they seem such a strange combination of common fruit and tropical treat. Especially around Ottawa where we need them shipped in from more temperate climes, few people realize just how common they can be when you keep a fruit-bearing...

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Canada 150

It's a very exciting time at Flowers Talk Tivoli; it's prom season in the neighbourhood, everyone's gearing up for a very exciting Canada Day weekend, and we have been loving our new location at Dream Weaver in the Rideau Center! While the weather continues to keep us...

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Plant Profile: Watering

While each plant type requires it’s own tailored watering schedule, there are a few general guidelines anyone can follow, at least when starting out, to help make sure your plants get all the moisture they need without risking drowning. I’ll go over some basic rules for all plants to help you acclimate any new green friend to your particular home environment.

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Preserving wedding flowers

You spent months planning and pinning your dream bouquet, but when the day finally comes it can seem over in a flash! You carried it down the aisle, you glanced at it over dinner, but by the end of the night, you're lucky to know where it is, and then what? Using...

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Mother’s Day in Ottawa

Grey skies, high waters, chilly nights; spring in Ottawa is always a delight! The forecast this weekend may look bleak outside, but we have all the bright, spring colours to brighten your mother's special day this Sunday! Peonies are just coming into season and we are...

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Everyone’s a princess with floral crowns

Once a daisy-filled staple of the average hippy, the floral crown has become one of the most popular bridal accessories of the past few years. Not just for rock festivals and sit-ins anymore, the crown can be styled to any theme: bohemian and natural, delicate...

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Plant Profile: Philodendron

Philodendrons are wonderful plants; lush and shiny new growth, easy care, quick to fill out. And there's so many different kinds! Bushy, viney, trailing, climbing, some varieties can grow to be huge while others can be pruned into little bushes. They are easily one of...

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Are you ready for the Easter Bunny?

Easter is this weekend, is your home ready? Whether you're hosting family dinner, visiting friends or eating a chocolate bunny quietly by yourself, we have all the springy things you need to welcome the Big Bun himself. We're so excited to be working with spring...

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Hints of Spring at Flowers Talk Tivoli

I don't know about you, but this month sure has thrown me for a loop. Warm - freezing - rain - snowstorm - warm again. It's exhausting and I'm ready for spring. And that's just what we're preparing for in store! We have everything you need to welcome spring into your...

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Plant profile: Air Cleaners

While we know that any plant exchanges CO2 for oxygen, some houseplants are just a little more prolific than others in their 02 output. Owners of these particular varieties of plants may notice a better air quality in their homes and it just so happens all these super...

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Ask an Expert: Decorating with Plants

Here at Flowers Talk Tivoli, we have the pleasure of working with some of the best local professionals in the decor and event industries. Among our favourites are the kitchen and bath design specialists at Astro Design Center. Their amazing designers are often at the...

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Spring Time in Ottawa

That's what it keeps looking like at least. Those deep snowbanks keep dwindling and the sun keeps peeking out to remind us that February doesn't have to be all that bad. Despite the early demise of the canal skate season (you left us too soon!) I'll happily take a...

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air my friends, which is a nice change from the buckets and buckets of snow we just saw! I hope wherever you are in this snowy, marshmallow world you are warm and happy and with (or will soon be with) your Valentine. I also hope you remembered to get...

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A Very Special Tuesday

Buckle up, boys and girls, it's almost here; the most romantic Tuesday of the year. Are you ready? Because we sure are! It can be a wild ride for us, that second week of February, but we sure do love making beautiful things to spread the love. We can't wait to help...

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Staff Picks: February

One of the hardest thing as a designer (especially at our shop) is trying to decide which of the copious flowers to use and where. We get so many beautiful, unusual and varied blooms in any given week it can be a challenge to choose. This time of year it gets even...

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Colour Theory in Floral Design

As in any artistic practice, the use of colour in floral design is of utmost importance. It often carries the first impression and general emotion of any piece; bright and cheerful, soft and somber, eclectic and modern. Pieces with high contrast, like yellow and...

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Plant Profile: Echeveria

As delicate looking as a rose and as sturdy as a cactus: the echeveria is a very fun plant to have. Echeverias are easy to grow, easy to propagate and a great addition to any house-plant collection. Native to semi-desert areas of southern North, Central, and northern...

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We found spring! (It’s in the store)

Yesterday turned the roads to soup and today seems intent on blowing it all away. Anyone else ready for spring? We have it! This Thursday (that's tomorrow, you guys) we are receiving a GIANT shipment of amazing plants. You remember plants, right? Green, calming,...

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