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With shipments of fair-trade flowers arriving daily from all over the world, Flowers Talk Tivoli takes great pleasure in offering Ottawa’s largest selection of fresh cut flowers. This gives our team of talented designers exquisite blooms with which to create their extraordinary and exciting designs.


Flowers Talk Tivoli prides itself on bringing elegance and styles to the homes, offices and special events of Ottawa and the region. We have provided flowers for Oprah, Hilary Clinton, Sarah Richardson and many more, including our loyal customers, who have supported us for the last 26 years.

Our in-house horticulturalists make sure that we offer the most unusual and exotic plants in the city. And, our extensive selection of garden decor has something for every gardener. We invite you to come by our boutique and experience all we have to offer.

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Flowers Talk Tivoli floral designs are tailored to express each client’s vision of their celebration. We invite you to explore our full online shop to find the perfect arrangement for your special moment.

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